You should first contact an experienced contractor, preferably one who has experience in identifying hail and other storm damage. Your contractor should be experienced in dealing with insurance companies directly. Your second call should be to your insurance company, since you don’t want to file a claim if there isn’t any damage. Once a claim has been filed (damage or no damage) it stays on your record as a filed claim.

Once you have determined there is actual damage and have filed your claim, the insurance adjuster will contact you and evaluate the extent of the damage and what they are liable for. It is important that your contractor is there to point out to the adjuster the damage that they see to ensure it is included in the estimate from the insurance company.

Remember, it is the insurance company that determines the scope (items that will be repaired or replaced) of work and not the contractor. It is for this reason you want to make sure the insurance company and your contractor are on the same page. An agreement on the scope of work helps eliminate potential problems between the insurance company and your contractor.​


A claim is a negotiation. Most adjusters do a good job of pricing what repairs will cost, while others do not. This is why we try to meet every adjuster at the home with a prepared estimate and satellite measurements of your home. By using the same software as the insurance company we make it as simple as agreeing on what is damaged. This expedites the process and helps in getting the work completed in a timely manner.


1. Damage Inspection
We will come out and inspect the complete exterior of your damaged property. This includes the roof, siding, gutters, windows, paint, air conditioning unit, and any personal belongings.
2. Filing the Claim
We will then assist the customer in contacting the insurance and explain the process of how to file the claim. Once the claim is filed the customer will be provided with an appointment with the insurance adjuster.
3. Meet Insurance Adjuster
After the claim is filed the homeowner will be provided with an appointment with the insurance adjuster. We will meet the insurance adjuster with our damage report to insure everything on the exterior of the home is repaired.
4. Review Adjusters Report
At this point the insurance adjuster will file his report with the insurance company. Once you receive the adjusters report, together, we will review it. If we both agree on the scope of work, then we move forward.
5. Picking Materials and Colors
In most cases the customer will want their property restored to original condition. But if the customer decides it is time for a change, we have a wide variety materials and colors of shingles, gutters, siding, and paint.
6. Start the Work
After the claim is negotiated and we agree on the scope of work, then this is the process we use on every claim:
—— Confirm actual start date
—— Delivers materials 24 to 48 hours before job is scheduled to start
—— Start and complete the work
7. Inspect the Work
The owner will do a walk through with every customer to insure they are happy with the quality of the workmanship and the way the claim was handled.
It is every customers right to ask an insurance company for a second opinion. We will meet the adjuster at the property, get on the roof with them when needed, and guarantee you will get everything you are entitled too.

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